FTV Gas Boiler

FTV-boiler Max input: 190,000 BTU/H Stainless steel fire tube boiler for every home.

– 95% AFUE
– 10:1 turndown ratio
– Heat only and Combi versions available in three sizes:110/150/190 MBH
– Low loss header included (Combi)


Efficiency and durability
NTI’s FTV heat exchanger is made of 439 stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. All fire tube heat exchangers are NOT made the same! Our fire tubes are dimpled to extract maximum efficiency without the need for inserts that will degrade over time.

Cross-series platform
To ease the serviceability of all our boilers, NTI rationalizes parts across our various series to minimize the number of different parts you need to stock and carry. More importantly, if you train on one product, you’ll automatically be familiar with the other NTI products.

On demand DHW (Combi)
With the FTV Combi, every homeowner can enjoy the comfort of endless hot water and space heating in one single appliance. It significantly reduces the installation cost and the mechanical room space required. Those are cost savings for you!

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