LG Air Conditioners

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Art Cool™

The first air conditioning units to be objects of desire. The slim, contemporary styling come with a frame that allows the customer to modify and personalize the unit with their own artwork or photography – the ultimate in custom design.

Art Cool™ Inverter

Inverter heat pump air conditioners use a variable speed compressor, rather than the constant speed found in conventional ACs. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the Inverter compressor continues to operate at low speed to maintain that temperature. It is quieter to operate and uses less energy than conventional ACs, which cycle on and off.

Single-Split Wall Mounted Type

Attractive and cost effective single zone systems in both air conditioning and heat pump models, featuring the patented Neo Plasma filter system.

Flex Multi-Split Wall Mounted Type

The larger, Flex Multi Split Systems operate two or three interior units that are mounted in separate rooms. Each indoor unit comes with it’s own remote control, allowing you to set the temperature individually in different rooms. Indoor units:

Floor Standing

The floor-standing models are ideal for light commercial applications, and work well in large, open spaces.